Pitti Bimbo

Ruffle Roulette

Whether girls place their bets on ruffles or on tiers, they’ll be a winner. Pitti Bimbo exhibitors turn the odds in everyone’s favor with flattering flourishes at the shoulders and neckline, along with trendy tiers on tops, skirts and dresses.

Pitti Bimbo Runway photography by Giovanni Giannoni

Abel & Lula by Mayoral (email: sales@mayoral.com/website: www.mayoral.com)

Cherry Papaya (email: mail@cherrypapaya.com/website:  www.cherrypapaya.com)

Knot (email: rroxo@knotkids.com/website:  www.knotkids.com)

Manila Grace (email: customercare@manilagrace.com/website: www.manilagrace.com/phone:  Tel. +39 059 684721 Fax +39 059 652456

Mayoral (email:sales@mayoral.com/website: www.mayoral.com)

Michaela Buerger (email: sales@michaelabuerger.com/website:  www.michaelabuerger.com)

Pero (email: info@ilovepero.com /website: www.ilovepero.com)

Piccola Ludo  (email:  cinzia.cinotti@piccolaludo.it /website:  www.piccolaludo.it )

Tuc Tuc  (email: info@tuctuc.com  /website:  www.tuctuc.com/es/)

Velveteen  (email: info@velveteenclothing.com /website: www.velveteenclothing.com)

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