Pitti Bimbo

The Shining

Girls dresses light up the fall season and runway at Pitti Bimbo as designers elevate the sheen on dresses with texture, embroidery and mixing fabrics. Silhouettes are simple it’s the fabric that creates the gleam.

Pitti Bimbo Runway photography by Giovanni Giannoni

Alitsa (email: info@alitsa.com.tr /website: www.Alitsa.com.tr) (appears three times in this trend

RaspberryPlum  (email: info@raspberryplum.com /website: www.raspberryplum.com)

Stefania (email: info@stefaniapinyagina.com / website: www.stefaniapinyagina.com) (appears two times in this trend

Velveteen  (email: info@velveteenclothing.com /website:  www.velveteenclothing.com ) (appears two times in this trend


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