Pitti Bimbo

Color Me Bright

Crayon bright colors punch up fall offerings as kids designers go between using one strong stand alone color or as bold accents on everything from outerwear to dressy dresses and footwear.

Pitti Bimbo Runway photography by Giovanni Giannoni

Abel & Lula by Mayoral (email:  sales@mayoral.com /website:  www.mayoral.com )

Carbon Soldier (email: Barbara@carbonsoldier.com /website: www.carbonsoldier.com )

(appears three times in this trend)

Moque (email:  moque@moque.us /website: www.moque.us )

Piccola Ludo  (email:  cinzia.cinotti@piccolaludo.it /website:  www.piccolaludo.it )

Tuc Tuc  (email: info@tuctuc.com  /website:  www.tuctuc.com/es/) (appears three times in  this trend)

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