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Carla Speaks about Baby Gear

Just Carla PhotoHi I'm Carla, mother of Iris who is 11 months. There were so many things on my list before baby, things we received as gifts, and lots that we bought. Some stuff you never use, don't need, and some things are essential. Here is my list of things I think would be great for new parents.

A grow-with-baby stroller with a detachable bassinet and is adaptable to place the baby car seat on the stroller as well. A) We loved making this into a makeshift Moses basket. We would go for walks and then we could let her sleep in the basket. Great for a travel crib, baby lounger, or even an on the go changing table. Could also work as a crib if you want to put off buying one or you're undecided if you will co-sleep. B) CAR SEATS are heavy with a baby in them. Insanely so. Like I carry her in one hand and the car seat in the other down the stairs. BUT with the stroller attachment you can take them around without the bulkiness of the bassinet. The car seat is also great to take in restaurants when you want to place the baby somewhere to free your hands to eat. Before they can sit up unassisted.


Pull string-song plush animal. I think she remembers the melody and now associates that with sleep. We also read something about babies having something familiar around.

We also have a non-plush animal that is kind of like a washcloth with a head LOL. It has also been with her as something familiar and she likes to chew on it.

Activity mat with arches. I don't know the elegant name for this item. It has crinkle noises and things to pull on and explore. There is also a mobile and things hanging on the arches, which can entertain them. The arch is detachable and this was nice to move around the house or take on trips.

Squeaky chew toy. Endless fun. I would suggest something that has multiple parts or legs. So they can handle it well and it’s more interesting. She has circular ones that don't get nearly as much attention. She likes the noise it makes, though I make the most noise by stepping or sitting on it accidentally.

Reusable baby food containers. These have been super great. Make a giant batch of food. Blend it. Pop in containers and then In the freezer. Amazing.

Baby warm coverall Babies, especially preemies, have trouble regulating their body temperature. Since she was born in January two weeks early this was the best thing we found for her to sleep in so she didn't get cold. She also hated being swaddled and didn't like the baby sleeping bag. So for those people who are looking for an alternative in the colder months. Warm full body suit with feet and hands covered for the win. We just bought a new one since the weather has become a bit nippy at night.

Baby Carrier. Honestly ERGO Omni 360. I didn't want to mention brands. But I went through several attempts. I tried cloth carry, several other types from around the world, other brands. No. This was the only one that she immediately did not fuss in. I did a ton of research about hip placement, how their backs should sit. etc. For us this was the best. Also one of the easiest to put on alone and is pretty comfortable considering. We went out yesterday for hours and this was definitely the better option over a stroller when navigating crowds or on public transportation.

Spit cloths, a lot of them. Keep them everywhere.

Inflated changing mat We thought about buying a changing table, so glad we didn't. We used a spare table. Put the diapers and disposable covers in a box, the creams and things in a smaller box, and set the wipes there. Problem solved. And you can move it on the bed or wherever you need it. You could also skip this and use the covers on any surface if you don't have the space. I'm also considering putting this on the floor since now she likes to move around and I would rather her not flip off the table.

Baby Bouncer This was a lifesaver early on. So you can bounce them of course. But when they get mobile you can plop them in when there isn't another set of arms around. It also served as a nifty first high chair since we started solids early, just sitting on the floor and feeding her. Machine washable.


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